And what have you done for peace?


I am sincerely happy that I belong to that circle of people, who has chance to see as much as possible, experience as much as possible and come to institutions, which are open for few. Nevertheless, I have frustration, which is hurting my stomach, when I realize, that this is privilege, this is only privilege for few, and a drop in ocean. We go to amazing events, get everything possible and never even ask ourselves, so how much money was spent from taxes of other people for me to be here? how much money is spent every year for us to participate in trainings, programs and conferences, and educate us? I know the answer as I also work for organizing all this things, and answer is millions.

I won’t go deep in this topic for this time, as what concerns me are people who talk for peace, but never take a step for it. Being back from World Forum For Democracy 2014, which has been organized by Council of Europe, I felt this pain in my stomach again. I was having very ambivalent feelings during the whole event: on one hand, we have amazing people from all over the world, who are taking amazing actions, on the other, people in suits are still living in the cages they create for themselves, they can not break the walls they built themselves, they never will. After all the ambivalent feelings, butterflies and pains through different discussions, I was totally destroyed by speech of one of the representatives from my country, who was presenting one of the political schools existing in Georgia. When I listen his speech again, I feel pain. He spoke about Russia, doing same as Nazi Germany. and this happened in the middle of discussion which had nothing to do with the topic.

I absolutely understand that when you are representing country, who’s borders are still unclear, and around 10% of population has lost their homes because of the war, you are really disappointed, and you want world to hear your disappointment, you are even more disappointed, when you see war is still ongoing and going further. But, do you really believe, that standing in amazing suit, in front of other people in amazing suits (probably not bought in one of the cheap stores, this is not their style) and speaking with angry tone using some elements of hate speech, using it against you have no idea whom, cause people in the room are the ones who are also against violence, will solve the problem? do you really believe, that if you will show up being cool will solve the conflict? will it bring the peace? I don’t think so. But what is hurting me the most is, that this are the people, that take all possible privileges from the society, they spend all their resources on being representative, cool, be perfect part of the system. I would love to hear, what have those people done for society? What have you done for Internally displaced people? have you met them? have you ever used same means of transport as they do? have you ever visited their home? have you drank coffee with them? no, you won’t find them in high class restaurants where you go, you also can not find them in your car probably, it also does not really make sense to search for them before elections, because it is not for their good, it is only for your good. Or have you done anything to bring more representation on this events? have you ever thought about, may be it should not be me who sits here, but should be person who really needs a voice to be here?

Not to be very long, only thing I wish to be sad is: talk less and act more. Instead of calling somebody Nazi, do something to prevent conflict. Instead of being angry, keep calm and change something at least at your home, among your friends, in your neighborhood. Ask people, if what you speak is something they want to be heard, or may be you can buy some bread and renovate one house with the money you paid in suit you are wearing. and if you are privileged, make as much good as possible out of it.

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